New Education Minister


We produce cotton

The reason your ears get itchy is because we come from sheep

Tomorrow – 15 May 2021 – Singapore gets a new Minister of Education.

“Cotton comes from sheep,” CHAN Chun Sing once informed.

Since the man was a former President’s Scholar and Major-General who was Chief of Army, Singaporeans sheepishly agreed.

Children, though, are not so easily taken in.

They don’t give a hoot how many A1s you had scored or the number of stars on your shoulder.

Minister of Education CHAN Chun Sing

All they want to know when CHAN Chun Seng becomes Minister of Education tomorrow is:

  1. Can they take umbrage at someone in charge of their education who thinks cotton comes from sheep?
  2. Can the adult in charge of their education be excused for saying he did not have enough sheep – I mean sleep – when he made the mistake?
  3. Can Primary School children use the same excuse of not enough sleep when they give a wrong answer in their PSLE examinations?
  4. How many times can they employ this excuse of not enough sheep – sorry again, I mean sleep – every time they give a wrong answer?
  5. When will adults cotton on to the notion school children have lost faith in them?

Wishing you A Good Weekend.

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