Double, Double Lives

Ashley Chan – not her real name – leads a double life.

University student by day, she is an escort by night.

Although she hides behind a pseudonym, Ashley also volunteers the facts.

The Cantonese lady is 24, 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm), Chinese Singaporean and is “good looking in a slim and slightly curvaceous way”.

Ashley’s measurements are 32B-24-35. At the time of writing, she is in her final year at university and have worked four years as an escort.

Author Gerrie Lim

Gerrie Lim also leads a double life.

A journalist also known for his wine writing, the author was based in Hong Kong from 2008 to 2016 before finally returning to Singapore.

Lim has written about the sex industry for a long time. His resume is impressive (see Bibliography below).

Gerrie Lim reads like a storyteller of olde.

His style is conversational. And, because of that, captivating. You don’t want to miss a word nor an inflexion.

The sentences fall off the page as naturally and eagerly as water spirals off a waterfall. You want to catch every word and drop. They form an ocean of understanding.

Scarlet Harlot My Double Life is full of life lessons.

Ashley Chan may recount them as experiences uniquely faced by a sex worker, but the conflicted nature and degree of the conflicts she faces are the same as those we experience even if our vocation and situation are different.

The sufferings may differ but to suffer – and to struggle – is universal.

“ … you can’t be scared and do sex work, You can’t keep thinking that taking off your clothes and acting sensual is morally wrong because then you can’t do sex and you will go crazy

“I have in my career seen many girls who have gone crazy – girls who think it’s a playground for the rich and try to hook a man for his money, girls who fall in love but have to deal with a vengeful wife who finds out. In other words, these are girls who don’t fully understand what they’re working for or what their purpose is as a sex worker.”

Life – and its meaning – is all around us.

A wise writer finds meaning – and a story – in everything.



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Absolute Mayhem, with Monica Mayhem (Ebury Press, published in US under Skyhorse Publishing)
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Scarlet Harlot: My Double Life, with Ashley Chan (Epigram)

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