Does Anyone Know?


There is one English news daily in Singapore.

Fortunately, in today’s wireless world, people who live here have many other sources of information.

If you were to rely on the Straits Times, you may not know what is going on.

In a lead story informing a 50-year old public servant was arrested last Saturday 13 June 2020 for allegedly “leaking information to the public on the resumption of activities in Phase Two of reopening Singapore’s economy before it was officially released”, the Straits Times went on to remind readers it  was as long ago as 28 May 2020 when National Minister Lawrence Wong said that Phase Two will mean a resumption of a wider range of activities.

Since everyone is anxious as to when that will happen, did the Straits Times go on to ask the authorities when they intend to let the public have the – leaked – information?

After all, the authorities had already disseminated the information to public servants.

Newspapers are supposed to ask questions. Not just report arrests.

Last Saturday – with the lockdown ongoing – cabinet ministers should be at home and easily contactable. If not, there was always yesterday, Sunday.

Maybe that is too much to ask of Singapore’s only news daily.

Wishing you A Good Week Ahead.

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