Disciples of Auguste Escoffier (1846 – 1935)


I am honoured to inform I have been appointed Wine Advisor to Disciples of Escoffier Singapore by Edmund Toh, their president.

Based in Villeneuve-LoubetFranceDisciples of Escoffier was created in 1954.

I accepted the role because the organization is primarily dedicated to transmission, including of expertise, knowledge, and skills, particularly to the younger generation.

Each year since 2003, Disciples of Escoffier organizes a Young Talents Escoffier competition. Contestants must be under 25 years.

Auguste Escoffier – “King of Chefs and Chef of Kings” – was also a restaurateur and culinary writer. He had cooked at the Savoy in London and Ritz in Paris. Escoffier helped update, modernize, and popularize French cooking methods

Young Talents Escoffier 2019 was held in Bordeaux. Representing Asia, NEO Jun Hao from Singapore was Runner-Up

The goals include:

  • Maintain the heritage bequeathed by Auguste Escoffier
  • Prepare young people for their future professional careers
  • Transmit love for the job
  • Share this experience with candidates from all over the world
  • Learn the requirements of competitions and allow them to participate in other challenges
  • Allow candidates to continue to improve their profession of cook or waiter with the help of the Escoffier network

As Wine Advisor, I will be organising a wine tasting for the committee of Disciples of Escoffier Singapore Chapter once every month.

From left: Eric Soon, Charles Goh, Bruno Gillet, CH’NG Poh Tiong, Edmund Toh, Marvas Ng, NEO Jun Hao, and KOH Han Jie

Our inaugural tasting was Wednesday 7 April 2021.

The participants were:

Edmund Toh – President Disciples Escoffier Singapore • Vice President (Culinary), SF Group

Eric Soon – media specialist

KOH Han Jie  Treasurer, Disciples Escoffier Singapore • Chef of El Fuego (Winner Young Talent Escoffier Asia 2017 – working at Les Amis at the time & Winner Young Talent Escoffier International Zurich 2018)

Marvas Ng – Secretary-General, Disciples Escoffier Singapore • Chef of Ocean

Charles Goh – Membership, Disciples Escoffier Singapore • Executive Chef, York Hotel

Bruno Gillet – Corporate, Disciples Escoffier Singapore • Account Manager (Fish), Marel Singapore

NEO Jun Hao  Event Coordinator, Disciples Escoffier Singapore • Chef of King’s Taste  (Winner Young Talent Asia 2018 & Runner-Up Young Talent Escoffier International 2019)

We are very grateful to Champagne Laurent-Perrier for sponsoring their wines.

Wishing you A Good Weekend in advance.

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