Clarendelle, Inspired by Haut-Brion • A New Look

The range of wines known as Clarendelle, Inspired by Haut-Brion, has a new look.

Created in 2005, the re-launched labels cover the entire range of the family of premium Bordeaux wines: red, white and rosé, and Amberwine from the Monbazillac appellation.

Prince Robert of Luxembourg – photographed here at Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion – is the brainchild behind the family of premium Bordeaux wines and Amberwine AOC Monbazillac, collectively known as Clarendelle, Inspired by Haut-Brion.

Clarendelle, Inspired by Haut-Brion is the brainchild of Prince Robert of Luxembourg and named in honour of his great-grandfather Clarence Dillon who purchased Chateau Haut-Brion in 1935.

When the original CD logo was designed by Prince Robert of Luxembourg, it was only intended for this new family of wines. Initially sketched on a scrap of paper, the logo featured the Clarence Dillon initials surrounded by vine leaves. The intention was to create a logo with a simple elegance and sophistication worthy of the work of a master jeweller.

The symbol was so effective it was also adopted by the wholesale company – Clarence Dillon Wines – and then later by Domaine Clarence Dillon as the primary mother company logo. Later, when new entities were born, including the fine wine boutique – La Cave du Chateau – and the restaurant – Le Clarence – in Paris, the iconic logo was integrated into their graphic identities.

As a result of all these developments (and as work began on the blends of the 17th Clarendelle vintage), it was keenly felt that the family of wines should have its very own identity.

The new emblem expresses a slice of history in constant evolution, the first chapters of which were written by Clarence Dillon at Chateau Haut-Brion in 1935. Adorned by a crown and surrounded by two majestic lions – borrowed from the Dillon family coat of arms – the company logo sits resplendently.

While the new look of the bottle affirms the deep roots grounded in excellence and tradition, the style of the wines reflects balance, elegance and complexity. Clarendelle, Inspired by Haut-Brion, are crafted by the Domaine Clarence Dillon oenologists (Chateau Haut-Brion, Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion, and Chateau Quintus), and represent a guarantee of quality.


The reds – from cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc – hail primarily from Saint-Emilion, the Médoc and Pessac-Leognan, including from Domaine Clarence Dillon vineyards. As for the white – semillon and sauvignon blanc to which, in some years, a flourish of muscadelle may be added – it is sourced mainly from the Graves, including Pessac-Leognan.


Clarendelle Rosé is the first official such wine in the history of Domaine Clarence Dillon and produced by a short maceration of merlot and cabernets. Notable for its finesse, intensity and delicate, delicious flavour, Clarendelle Rosé 2018 was a star pairing with the Barbecued Whole Suckling Pig at Fook Lam Moon Wanchai, Hong Kong, for the launch of 100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World on 21 January 2019.


The delicate character and structure of Clarendelle Amberwine come from its two forms of grape ripening, botrytis cinerea or noble rot as in Sauternes, and late harvesting. Amberwine – a blend of semillon, sauvignon blanc and muscadelle – takes its name from the striking amber colour developed by the wine as it ages.

All Clarendelle, Inspired by Haut-Brion, wines patiently age in cellars and are only released when Domaine Clarence Dillon thinks that they fully express their qualities. They can be appreciated immediately or laid down for a few further years.

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