Champagne Bruno Paillard Premiere Cuvée

Connoisseurs of Champagne recognise that the House of Bruno Paillard produces exemplary, commanding wines. Take, for example, their flagship Premiere Cuvée. Only the first pressing is used of 45% pinot noir, 33% chardonnay, and 22% pinot noir from 35 villages. The multi-vintage also comprises up to 50% reserve wines from 25 vintages (put aside since 1985). Maison Bruno Paillard ages the wine on lees in bottle for 3 years when the requirement is just 15 months. Also, unusually for a flagship brut,  Premiere Cuvée is an extra brut as the dosage is less than 6 g/l. Bright green light straw colour. Appley/green citrus/honeyish fruit of intensity and length. Zesty, racy, and crisp. A delicious aperitif this morning and which continued to pair effortlessly with a legendary Yangzhou breakfast that included beancurd strips, salted egg, spinach dumpling, “soup” bao, pork dumpling, and Zhenjiang ham.


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