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Highland Park 25 Years Old (RRP S$1,000) has been named Best Spirit in the World in Spirit Journal. Taste this rare Single Malt at


Hobbister Peat Moor is regarded as the DNA of Orkney, that group of sprawling islands in northerly Scotland.

The peat is instrumental in creating Highland Park 25 Years Old, named Best Spirit in the World by whisky writer Paul Pacult in Spirit Journal

Just slightly more than 10 km from Highland Park Distillery, Hobbister Peat Moor is nearly 4 metres deep and over 9,000 years old.

It is composed of layer upon layer of densely compacted vegetation that has accrue and accumulated down the ages. Nature’s legacy, the peat, is rich in fragrant heather.

Highland Park is part of the Orkney, a scattering of more than 70 islands (only 20 are inhabited) that were settled by the Vikings more than a thousand years ago

Hobbister Peat Moor is nearly 4 metres deep and over 9,000 years old

Every April, skilled workmen from Highland Park Distillery hand-cut into the ancient, rugged landscape  – one shovel at a time – to scoop up the precious peat.

Naturally dried in summer, it is then burned in Highland Park’s ancient kilns where its heathery aromatic smoke infuses the malting barley which later finds its way into one of the greatest Single Malts of Scotland.

Highland Park uses two kilns to dry out the hand-turned malted barley with hand-cut peat

Unusually for the industry, Higland Park’s four copper stills have windows so that we can see the boiling liquid inside

The most northerly distillery in Scotland, Highland Park has made whisky the same way for over 220 years

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