Bel Star Prosecco Brut

The world being a global village, the Prosecco tidal wave has also splashed into Hong Kong and Singapore. Although the bubbles are not born inside the same bottle – as with champagne – from which the wine is poured but are produced in stainless steel tanks through the charmat method, a good Prosecco can be very satisfying. Especially if the wine is dry or, at least, dryish. When the sweetness is like bubble gum, Prosecco deserves a bad name. Although Bel Star Brut comes in a very bling bottle, the wine is well-made. The marque is owned by the Bisol family, one of the most respected producers in Veneto. After all, 21 generations have been growing the glera variety on steep hills since 1542. And, almost 500 years later, their winery is still based in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene. Floral, peach, pear and appley fruit. Off-dry and fresh.

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