Apology? • Problems for SPH

Problems for Singapore Press Holdings

CEO of Singapore Press Holdings NG Yat Chung apologized on Saturday 8 May 2021.

A day after a vast number of civic-, fair-minded Singaporeans took umbrage at him, for him taking umbrage at the innocent question a young woman journalist posed during a news conference.

Apart from the harsh tone in his reply and  intimidating the young woman by wagging his fingers at her, Ng was essentially scolding a guest he had invited to the event he was hosting.

The apology:

“I had stood up for SPH Media’s long-cherished editorial integrity and will continue to do so. Being a direct and blunt-speaking person, I apologise for any offence I might have caused and regret any distraction from the merits of the proposed restructuring”

Someone Owes Her an Apology

  1. This is an “apology to the open air”. It would be like someone saying “I apologise to all the people I have offended in my life”. This type of apology disappears like the wind
  2. For an apology to be truly genuine, we apologise to the person we have hurt and offended, not issue a grab-all “open air” apology
  3. An “open air” apology takes place when a person is caught out. It is a reaction to being discovered. Because we now appear bad in the eyes of civil, and civic-minded people
  4. Even when making his “open air” apology, Ng Yat Chung still made excuses for himself. Trying to justify his outburst because he is “a direct and blunt-speaking person”
  5. If Ng Yat Chung is so rude to a young journalist from a rival media outlet, how does he treat the hundreds of journalists who work for Singapore Press Holdings of which he is CEO?
  6. Does SPH have an inventory of the occasions he has taken umbrages in his workplace?

Singapore Press Holdings is Singapore’s principal news gatherer and disseminator.


  1. Is SPH standing by the callous behaviour of NG Yat Chung?
  2. Is SPH going to insist he apologise to the hapless young woman journalist CHEW Hui Min?
  3. Singapore Press Holdings – through its main news daily the Straits Times – has an outreach called “Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund
  4. Does SPH still have the integrity to ask the Singapore public for donations when their CEO behaved in a way no school children should ever emulate, or have to tolerate from an adult?

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