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Decanter World Wine Awards 2019

BREAKING NEWS! DECANTER WORLD WINE AWARDS 2019 The 16th annual competition was judged in London  between 29 April and 3 May 2019.  Close to 17,000 wines were entered from 57 different countries. In the Asia category, these were the number of wines entered: China 265 (45% awarded a medal) Japan 84 (61% …

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The Story of Koshu

It is my belief that Koshu, the grape, originates from China. Between 630 and 838, the Japanese court sent 19 official missions to Tang China (618 – 907). That timeline co-incides with local Japanese legend that Buddhist monk Gyoki planted the first vines in 718 in Yamanashi. The 19 missions went to China to learn about …

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