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Spirit of the Week

AQUA Collection Ambre Brandy

Light, bright gold. The nose is a burst of citrus peel, quince, star anise, soft vanilla, and the lingering notes of small yellow flowers. Incredibly, this is only 3 years old. The smoothness and gentle sweetness will have you think that it is more mature. Not that it matters – …

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Tanqueray No. TEN

My favourite gin is Tanqueray. First distilled in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in Bloomsbury, London, four botanicals are added during the second distillation: juniper, coriander, angelica root, and liquorice. Tanqueray is fruity, vibrant, and just rightly oily/glycerol. The London gin combines freshness and body in the same glass. Make sure …

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Withington Voorkamer Brandy

The colour is a mid-Pu erh tea. Quite fruity on the nose and palate, including Christmas cake, figs, raisins, cloves, and orange peel cooked in a compote. There is, to round up that complex richness, a burst of warm, smooth fire on the finish. A brandy to keep close during …

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Glendronach Parliament Single Malt 21 Years

A spirit gets its structure from the strength of the alcohol. As I don’t add water to my spirits – I drink mainly Single Malt, Cognac and brandy – 40% is almost always inadequate because the spirit lacks greater backbone. I am not suggesting that 40% never works, only that …

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