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Campaign to Thank Xi Jinping


When politicians sack incompetent bureaucrats, it is usually a sacrificial rite.

To make people think the politicians are doing the right thing.

We must not be so gullible.

We should be asking how those incompetent bureaucrats were appointed in the first place. Was it based on their qualifications for the job. Were they selected from a field of many qualified applicants. Or was it political affinity and connections that they were appointed?

When that same incompetent system appoints equally incompetent new people, why should we think the original problems have been solved.

We must always be wary of politicians who offer solutions to problems they created in the first place.

It is now widely believed that as early as 7 January 2020, XI Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party leadership knew of the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan. This was 13 days before Xi issued orders to contain the virus.

Later, when netizens vented their anger at the Mayor of Wuhan – ZHOU Xianwang – for not sounding the alert earlier, he informed he couldn’t do that because the local government does not have the authority to do so. Only the Communist Party Secretary of Wuhan has the right to issue such an order.

Xi Jinping, leader and guardian of China, finally visited Wuhan on 10 March 2020.

The newly appointed Communist Party Chief of Wuhan – WANG Zhonglin – saw this as an opportunity to suck up to his boss.

The sycophantic Wang called for a “Gratitude Education Campaign” so that Wuhan citizens can express their thanks to Xi Jinping and the Communist Party for their efforts in tackling coronavirus*.

So, this new guy is better than the one they sacked?

Good luck to China and the rest of the world for when the next health outbreak happens.

Wishing you A Good Week Ahead.



*Wuhan citizens would have none of it. The online backlash was so overwhelming Chinese censors could not delete them in time.

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